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My bariatric surgery began in 2012. I thought that after my surgery everything would be solved like magic but it wasn't. My journey afterward was not easy because I didn't know what to eat, I was undernourished, I got dumping syndrome often with sugar and regular acid reflux. It was a hard adaption to my new stomach and the changes it came with. I was only 17 years old and didn’t know exactly how big of a lifestyle change this surgery was, I ended up having intense heartburn, colitis, and almost an ulcer. My body told me I had to change my diet, when I did, I learned so much about nutrition and how nutrition and exercise are the best things that you can do for your body. 


What made it especially difficult for me was that the information I was finding online was confusing and contradictory. I grew frustrated with not knowing what information came from reliable sources and what didn't. There are so many forums, bloggers, and sites that tell you information but sometimes it is all different I didn’t know whom to ask, and most of the time doctors are not available for all your questions. It was a rollercoaster with my weight and health. I was in so much pain that I, in total, had three endoscopies to try and find what was wrong. In the end, everything was fixed thanks to a good diet.


After that, I decided enough was enough and I began educating myself on food and cooking so I took the Cornell Nutrition and Healthy living Certification. I was looking for more natural knowledge and I did a Certificate in Trophology and cell rejuvenation with Donato de la O. These certifications made me realize that what I eat is the most important factor in determining if my bariatric journey is successful or not. 


After learning this, everything changed. I knew what to eat so I began cooking healthy meals for myself and I was able to maintain my weight. By exercising regularly, I  had the energy to do whatever I wanted, be at work, have more projects. Finally, I was happy. 


It's been 8 years since my surgery and four years that I have maintained my weight. I am really proud of myself but it was not easy. It took a lot of work, tears, and a lot of learning. 


Now I am on a mission to make other people's journeys much easier than mine by sharing reliable and vetted information. Imagine if all of the people who got bariatric surgery had all the support and information they needed. Imagine if it was a simple ride afterward. Imagine if all the hours of pain and frustration were saved and used to spend more time in joy. This is my vision.


So I contacted my favorite doctors, nutritionists, exercise trainers, and psychologist to join forces and create a blog for bariatric patients to feel at ease knowing that the information they are receiving is reliable and vetted. In addition to the blog, we host live Q&A with Doctors once a month to answer any questions you have. 


I hope you love this blog as much as we do. We made it for you and it is only possible because of you! 


So please send us your questions and requests! Do you want to know the healthy swap to mac&cheese? or do you want to know what supplements to take? Let us know what you would like to learn more about and we will ask our experts to reply through a blog post or a video.


Thank you!

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